Picnic areas in Novi Sad

On the edge of the town are many picnic areas. The best known are the fisherman island and Kamenjar on the banks of the Danube.

Fisherman Island and Kamenjar are formed as a fishing village and today there are vacation homes, restaurants, car-camp, and many fishing cabins.

Strand is the most famous sandy beach in the city, and many say that the most beautiful beach on the Danube. Strand is a nice beach since 1911. that now has hundreds of cabins, grass, shade and large parks and restaurants offering food, drinks and entertainment. At the Strand during the summer almost daily are organized various cultural, entertainment, recreational and other events. In the evening, during the summer, Strand is the main meeting place for young people of Novi Sad.

Strand 1922 god Strand Novi Sad
Štrand... long time ago... and now days...

Kamenicki Park is one of the favorite resorts of Novi Sad. The park is arranged and decorated with a group of sculptures from the former court park. This is the most visited picnic place during holidays and hot summer days.

Another of the favorite places for tour of Novi Sad is certainly Fruska Gora which is located about ten kilometers away from Novi Sad. Fruska Gora is a beautiful gift of nature in the Vojvodina plain. It extends in length about 80 kilometers, between the river Sava and Danube. Due to its natural, cultural and historical significance, Fruska Gora was proclaimed for national park in 1960. www.npfruskagora.co.rs

Fruska Gora's the highest parts are the most visited places by the most of the inhabitants of Novi Sad and surrounding villages. There are many picnic areas, Letenka, Osovlje, Red Cot, Jabuka, Testera, Andrevlje, Popovica, Zmajevac and others. Picnic areas are most visited on weekends and holidays, when nature is a paradise for many tourists seeking relaxation and recreation.

Fruška gora Fruška gora
Fruška Gora - a board with map and directions Fruška Gora - path through the woods

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