Sremska Kamenica

Sremska Kamenica

Sremska Kamenica centarAt the foot of Fruska Gora, on the left bank of the Danube, is town Sremska Kamenica, a place where the as a child lived the most famous Serbian poet Jovan Jovanovic Zmaj (1833-1904).

At the central square there is a monument of Zmaj and a house where a children's poet spent his last years. Inside the house is Zmaj’s museum.

In Sremska Kamenica, there are two churches - the Serbian Orthodox Church from the 1742, built on the foundations of the old church from the fourteenth century and the Catholic church that was built 1746.

Not far away from the town is the castle Karočonji Mercibanj, built in 1840 for the Pest Count Karačonji. After the First World War the castle was bought up by American Major Don Frontingen, who along with his wife Helen founded there the Serbian-American House, where he supported war orphans.

At present time, the Hydro meteorological Service is in the Castle as well as Art Gallery of water management center "Danube." Not far from this castle is a children's village for children without parents.

Sremska KamenicaBeside the Marcibanji-Karaconji castle is located a park, now known as Kamenicki park. It is a large forest in which a number of plant species from around the world was planted and particularly interesting is a centennial oak tree.

Today Kamenicki Park is a favorite picnic place close to Novi Sad, which is arranged and decorated by a group of sculptures from the former court park. This resort is the most visited during the holidays and hot summer days.

On a Fruska Gora hill above the Sremska Kamenica is the Institute for Cardiovascular diseases, health care institution that is well known and respected in the world in the successful treatment of this disease.