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Novi Sad is second largest city in Republic of Serbia, and capital of Vojvodina Region. Situated on the Danube river between Budapest and Belgrade, it is a treasured regional and cultural centre. One can come to Novi Sad by air plane, by car, by bus, or by river boat...

Before planing a trip to Serbia one should check if he/she needs a entrance visa. The list of diplomatic & consular missions of R Serbia all over the world with telephone numbers and

Obligatory Insurance for vehicles for foreigners is about 45 EUROS for a week to 75 EUROS for a month. Renewal of the Insurance is possible to make in Insurance companies offices.

Air transport

Probably the easiest and most common way of arriving in Novi Sad, especially for western european tourists is by air transportation. Belgrade airport of Surcin lies less than 75 km from Novi Sad and is 1 hour by car away. This airport is equiped for receiving airplanes of all sizes. If you don't have previously arranged transportation to Novi Sad, we recomend buses of JAT (Jugoslav Airlines) wich will ride you to center of Belgrade, 25 km from the airport. From Belgrade bus station there are some one departure for Novi Sad every half an hour.

You can order a direct minivan or car transportation from the airport to Novi Sad here >>>

JAT, Belgrade, tel +381 11 311 33 13
The following airports are open to international traffic: Belgrade airport, tel. +381 11 605 555 ; Nis airport, tel. +381 18 48 887

Rent-a- car (on Belgrade airpoirt): · Belgrade: PUTNIK 011/641-566, Belgrade airport 011/600-634; · AVIS 011/620-362, Belgrade airport 011/605-590 ; INEX 011/452-160, Belgrade airport 011/605-555/2732; UNIS 011/634-766, Belgrade airport 011/605-555/2754;

Road transport

City is juncture of numerous land, rail and river roads. Near the city runs one of the Europes most frequently used roads E-75. Going from Gdansk and Warsaw, Poland, through Bratislava, Budapest, Subotica, Novi Sad and Belgrade, it connects Eastern and Central Europe with Athens and Istanbul. Many tourists run this route to get the Adriatic and Aegean Sea. Many of them come to Novi Sad and spend unforgetable moments here...

Only 40 km from Novi Sad runs another important road communication route (E - 70) wich connects Cote d' Azur with Orient... By this route one can arrive in Wienna in 4 hours.

Obligatory Insurance for vehicles for foreigners is about 45 EUROS for a week to 75 EUROS for a month. Renewal of the Insurance is possible to make in Insurance companies offices.

Motorway tolls: Highway toll is paid on the following highway sections: Subotica - Feketic - Novi Sad - Belgrade; Sid - Belgrade; and from Belgrade down south to Nis and Doljevac. For passenger vehicles, the toll is as follows: · Subotica - Novi Sad EURO 3.00· Novi Sad - Belgrade EURO 5.00

Railway, Bus and River roads...

Numerous international railway lines link Yugoslavia with all parts of Europe.
Belgrade railway station tel. is +381 11 636 493

Regular and seasonal international bus lines link Yugoslavia to neighbouring countries.
Novi Sad is well connected by regular bus lines with Western european countries, especially Austria (Wienna, Linz, Graz), Germany (Berlin, Munich, Hamburgh) and Switzerland (Geneve, Zurich, Bern). Informations on bus transportation can be found at Touring Bus Transports

Belgrade bus station tel is +381 11 636 299
Novi Sad bus station tel is +381 21 444 021

Although it is situated continentaly, river Danube makes extraordinary expirience of arrival to Novi Sad by river boat. Trip through endless fields of Vojvodina on white river boats leaves superb feeling of purity of nature. From every hill you'll be watched by the ancient guards of plain - numerous medievial fortresses. If you're more of an adventurer, in the marina of the Novi Sad Jachting club you can find a safeheaven for your boat.

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